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Our vision is the unmanned, manned, and autonomous aircraft seamlessly

share airspace. 

We can help your operation utilize the full potential of airspace by creating safe

and secure approval

solutions for autonomous

and unmanned operations.

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Anzen Unmanned team's successes

Au - the gold standard for advanced operations

Waiver & Exemption "Firsts"

  • First BVLOS approval using DAA technical solution through 91.113(b), which established DAA performance & test standards that became ASTM F3442

  • Night waiver (107.29) for multiple locations and UAS, which shaped  FAA regulations

  • Multi-UAS waivers (107.35) using location and UAS criteria

  • Altitude waiver (107.51(b)) to 1000' AGL

  • COAs for public agencies: night, airspace, altitude, tactical BVLOS


Corridors and UAS Operations Areas

  • Safety case for BVLOS UAS road crossings independent of UAS reliability and Type Certification

  • Minimum criteria for BVLOS UTM/surveillance region:  UAS, C2, procedures, checklists, routes, pilots, and trusted operations

  • COAs for public agencies: night, airspace, altitude, tactical BVLOS

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