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Asylon Robotics

“Asylon Robotics leads the industry in USA-made drone, robotic, and AI-based security systems that bring unprecedented value to our customers. Leveraging Anzen Unmanned’s regulatory expertise and support helped us achieve our groundbreaking BVLOS and operations over people Part 107 waivers, as well as our in-progress UAS Type Certification.  In achieving these milestones, we’re blazing a trail for UAS innovators,"

- Damon Henry, founder and CEO, Asylon Robotics

Asylon ROC during flight test.jpg


“From our first steps in the LAANC application process, all the way to onboarding as an FAA Approved LAANC UAS Service Supplier, Anzen Unmanned has provided vital guidance and unmatched expertise.  Their experience with UTM performance, safety, and security solutions helped us ensure a smooth and successful approval of AstraUTM as a LAANC USS.  Because of what we achieved with the Au team, we can now offer US customers our advanced full stack UTM system that caters to Authorities, ANSPs, Solution Developers and Drone operators, with tools and applications encompassing a broad spectrum of UTM workflows.”

- Asam Khan, CEO, AstraUTM


First technical DAA solution radar

Radar system


"Anzen Unmanned provides consulting services to help operators utilize the full potential of the airspace by creating safe and secure approval solutions for autonomous and uncrewed operations."

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